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Myofascial Release & Me

A collection of experiences...

Dr. Michelle 

My experience with myofascial release was incredible. Kelly is a very intuitive, calm & focused practitioner. I had asked Kelly if she might be able to help me with the lingering pain & scar tissue from an umbilical hernia repair I had several years ago. I didn’t know what to expect from the experience at all but I was excited about it. The first session I was laying on my back and very comfortable. Kelly started working on my feet first. It was a nice, gentle touch but unlike a massage. She then moved up to my right knee & right hip. I was very relaxed and we were actually having a nice conversation. After some time, I realized she was still working on my knee & my hip even though the pain was in my umbilical area. She explained what she was feeling as far as restrictions and while pressing & holding various points on my knee, I could feel it deep in my abdomen. It was tense & tight but not painful. She then did some body shaking in various areas which was actually relaxing & releasing. The hour was then over. It seemed simple and interesting to me that she didn’t really touch my abdominal area much at all. After I left her office, the drive home & really the rest of the day & evening, I felt a rush of euphoria. I still can’t explain it other than an extreme sense of well-being. Later that evening when I was describing the experience to my husband, I realized that my muscles were becoming sore & tight as if I just returned from the gym. The next day when I got out of bed, my body was in the “hurt-so-good” mode. I felt like I had run a marathon the day before and after I did that, I worked out. By the next night, however, the muscle aches were gone. I laid down that night eager to see if any of the scar tissue had broken up. To my astonishment, I had a hard time finding the places that had been troubling me! I kept starting over & feeling it again in a slightly different place in case I missed something. There were a few places still present but the majority of the places it seemed had melted away. I went back for a second treatment a few weeks later. That day she had worked on my hip bones primarily. I did not have the euphoric rush after that treatment but I did feel good the rest of the day. The pain is gone, the scar tissue seems to be gone for the most part and I don’t have the tightness I used to in that area. I didn’t know what to expect when I first went in but I left with a new appreciation of a treatment that truly utilizes an intuitive practitioner and getting to the root of the matter.


I thought I would write up my account of July 19th:

Last Thursday morning I woke up and upon getting out of bed experienced such lower back pain that I contemplated going over to Kelly's house prior to the 9 patients that I knew she had to treat that day. At first I thought I would ride my bike over. Surely the 2 mile ride would be good for me as movement usually works out the kinks and pains I sometimes feel in the morning. But, I could not get on my bike so at 6am I drove myself to the back door and tapped on the window until finally the little faces of my granddaughter and grandson peered out of the blinds and let me in. I immediately threw down my yoga mat and laid on the floor on my back with my knees pulled up for about 45 minutes when others in the household finally started waking up.

How long have you been here? Kelly asked.

Oh just a bit

What’s wrong with you?

Oh nothing. Well I think I moved and lifted too much at school and my back is killing me actually.

Hmmmmmmm...How about you let me work on it?


After a few minutes of hands on kneading and pulling and stretching, Kelly takes two pillows off the couch and throws them on the floor.

Lay sideways on these she says.


She worked the lower back area and adjusted hips and then said turn over.


With my face in the carpet, Kelly reached into my lower back and proceeded to pull out all of the muscle, sinew, tendons, all with nerve endings to the point that I was silently SCREAMING (didn't want to cause alarm) into the carpet. She was straddling over me and yanking so hard on my internal lower back that somehow I got my arms and hands down by my side and grabbed onto her big toes! Yikes!!!! So much pain and it continued for at least a minute.

And then it stopped. She said. All the red is gone now. Then she went into the kitchen and started pouring cereal into bowls.

I could not move, the heat in my lower back was steaming! I thought for sure I would have black and blue marks proving the pain....but no such evidence.

I finally rolled over and got up and went into the kitchen. Kelly looked at me and said what happened to your face?

I had rug burn on my chin from digging into the carpet to stifle my screams! We had to laugh.

This story ends like this: My back has been pain free since. Even the little tinges and tweeks are gone. I have not felt this straight in awhile.

It is amazing how 10 minutes of work (When it needs to be done and there is not much time) can produce such authentic healing.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!


I began working with Kelly Delsignore a few months after my 3rd miscarriage. I was experiencing pain in my lower back that I was pretty sure was connected to the emotional and physical grief of these losses and the frustration of not having a successful pregnancy. I had done massage and acupuncture but never myofacial release work, in fact I had never even heard of myofacial release. I had no idea what to expect and was most surprised by the gentleness. My first session with Kelly was powerful beyond words – I felt I had finally found a way to connect with and release my body and emotion unlike anything I had experienced before. Subsequent sessions proved to continue this healing process and as I worked with Kelly we peeled away layers of grief and pain from the miscarriages and other traumas in my life. Four months later I became pregnant again. I worked with Kelly once a month through the pregnancy as well as participated in several group unwindings. I feel that this myofacial release work was directly related to the success of this 4th pregnancy and was tremendously helpful preparation for the birth. With Kelly’s assistance, a midwife, and my husband, I gave birth at home to our sweet daughter. The 15 hour labor felt like one long unwinding, as Kelly supported me using the tools I had learned with her to move through the contractions, it was tremendously helpful and I can’t imagine doing it without that support. Birthing is such a powerful physical and emotional experience and it strikes me that myofacial release work is such a perfect fit to helping a mother through this experience. Kelly has a keen awareness and ability to intuit, listen, and step out of the way to let your body do what it needs to do and through this process I feel like I have developed more of this skill for myself. Our daughter was born in peace and I am eternally grateful for having met Kelly and benefiting from myofacial release.


I started treatments with Kelly while I was pregnant with our second child. I was preparing for a vaginal birth after a caesarean section. My son and I, our first child, shared a very difficult birth experience that ended in surgery. I was emotionally and physically scared from my birth experience. I was scared my second birth would end in the same way. But I really wanted to experience a natural birth and knew it would be deeply healing for me.

Kelly was amazing. We working together regularly the last trimester. I had emotional and physical releases large and small. Mostly, I felt myself getting stronger and more confident. I had great energy towards the end of the pregnancy and felt wonderful even in Tucson's summer heat.

Kelly came to our home to treat my our son and my husband a few weeks before the birth. The two men in the house also needed some help to get ready for the new baby.

I was able to have the birth of my dreams. Our beautiful daughter, Janis, was born naturally. It was an incredible experience and I know that the work we all did with Kelly helped to make it possible. Kelly and her work are very dear to my heart. 


I try to see Kelly once a month to maintain the balance in my life that I tend to lose touch with through daily activities and work. The repetitive nature of construction work stresses different body parts at different times so it is important to me to address those areas. I respond to some treatments more than others and sometimes it's not until later that I realize how much better I feel. And I'm always disappointed when my hour is done. 


I was referred to Kelly by my naturopathic physician for problems with stress incontinence due to a mild cystocele. After just 2 sessions with Kelly I noticed a significant improvement; less dribbling and a stronger urine stream. Another unexpected benefit was how relaxed and peaceful I felt after each session. I tend towards being tightly wound and stressed and find it very difficult to relax, so this side effect was a welcome gift!

Kelly is a very intuitive and connected practitioner and I intend to continue my healing journey with her assistance.


I had previously had a very unpleasant hospital birth with my first child and was excitedly planning a home birth for my second child after conducting extensive research on safety, etc. My midwife referred me to Kelly for her MFR expertise in an effort to address some pain I was having from an old back injury, and to work through some emotional blocks I was presenting about fears from my previous birth and how they might impact me during this birth.

My first impression of Kelly was, in a word, calm. This is a woman who gives the impression of slowing down time by giving complete presence. She started our sessions with discussions about symptoms that I was having and, more importantly for me, emotional issues that I was facing. Then she would work with me on the table through visualizations to discover my blocks. I still remember how she helped me find a source of guilt I was carrying. Her intuition is uncanny! The moment she told me to forgive myself and visualize enjoying the experience that caused the guilt, the pain I had been feeling literally melted away like softening butter. I was blown away! Now, that doesn't mean that I never felt some of that pain again but she gave me the tools to find the source and continue healing it.

Through our sessions she was also helping me visualize a positive and empowering birth experience. I had great concerns over feeling emotionally let down by my husband in my first birth and my anger over this was becoming a threat to my next birth. Kelly helped me release that fear through my growing understanding that I have the power to help myself all within me. I didn't need to look outside of myself for that support during my birth or any other time. I still remember the amazing moment during my home birth when I started worrying that no one was in the room with me as the contractions were getting extremely intense, but then I was reminded of what she and I had worked on and I re-centered myself and realized I was perfectly fine by myself because I already had everything I needed. That was one of the pivotal moments of my life.

One of the reasons that my first birth went in a way that left me feeling incredibly let down was because my amniotic sac ruptured early on and I was told by my doctor that I needed to accept induction to get the baby out before 24 hours passed. This led to a cascade effect, resulting in excruciating labor, an epidural, delayed lactation, etc. When I noticed that I was leaking amniotic fluid with my second pregnancy without active labor I became increasingly alarmed that this process would be played out again despite all of my efforts to prevent it. Arizona law required that my midwife refer me to the hospital if I was not in active labor within 24 hours of my water breaking. After 7 hours and no labor I called Kelly and she quickly identified my concern and what I could do to help myself. Also, she and my midwife consulted with each other throughout my treatment to share ideas.

After walking stairs under the advisement of my amazing midwife, I went home and sat alone on the floor of my darkened bedroom while my husband and mother tended to dinner and our older daughter. I spent 30 minutes meditating on the ideas that Kelly had shared with me and started noticing that with the words "This body is opening for you" I was starting to have very real contractions. By the end of that 30 minutes I was truly in labor and within another 2 and a half hours I had given birth to our daughter on my bedroom floor. I went from having a 36 hour labor with my first child to a 3 hour labor with my second. I know in my core that the way that Kelly helped me reach into myself and address my fears by learning about how much strength I possess completely changed my birthing experience. I knew I was safe in the hands of my midwife and that I could handle everything else myself.

The strength that I learned from that experience has affected my entire life in countless ways. Kelly, thank you so much for your kindness, expertise, and the way you share yourself with the world. You have truly helped me change my life.