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Practicing a non-linear art in a linear world is somewhat of a challenge. We set intention of completing a session within 50 minute time frames, however "release time" is honored and your session can vary within a 15 minute range. It is best to allow yourself time for integration, of this work, before running off into the busy world. If you have the luxury of time, we recommend you stay at Authentic Healing as long as you may need to.

Please respect that my time is as valuable as yours. I frequently have a waiting list with others that would like to have your hour if you are unable to make it to your appointment. I respect that "life happens" and would rather not threaten a no-show fee. Please help me to continue to respect these "life happenings" and inform me as soon as you know that you are unable to attend your appointment.

Your healing is in your own hands;

let me show you the way.

Recommendations for Visit

- Skin contact is most effective during treatment. However, your comfort level is honored.

Loose fitting shorts, a tank top, sports bra, or two piece bathing suit are suggested wear.

- The fascial system is a fluid system. As we release restrictions you might be thirsty. Drinking water before and after treatment will be beneficial.

- "Healing Crisis" As we release tissue memory, symptoms can increase, honoring this healing journey is most beneficial.

Authentic Healing / Kelly DelSignore, MSPT is not a Medicare or Insurance Provider. Please check with your insurance company for outpatient physical therapy benefits. If requested, documentation/receipt of payment will be provided for you to submit for reimbursement.