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Kelly DelSignore, MSPT

When you ask Kelly how long she has been practicing Myofascial Release she usually replies, “300 + years.” Bodywork is her calling. John F. Barnes Myofascial Release is her heart and soul. She began at age 5 caring for her carpenter father’s tired hands and the love for helping people feel better took her to massage school, physical therapy school, and finally John F. Barnes Myofascial Release seminars.

By title, she is a licensed physical therapist, yet her skill and knowledge of the body come mostly from a deep empathy. After years of discovering and trialing many forms of therapies to address her own dis – ease, she landed in the wise, compassionate hands of John. Embracing the work in every aspect of her life, it is her pride and joy to share this magic with others.

Kelly is a country girl at heart. She grew up in the magical Chiricahau Mountains in Portal, Arizona, where physical therapy was crossing creeks and throwing rocks. Kelly continues to find joy in being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Kelly is a mother of three beautifully brilliant children. Having exprienced the birthing process first hand, she is passionate about working with families as they welcome new additions to the family. A healthy fascial system equals healthy births and healthy mom and baby.

Kelly firmly believes that “you know your body better than anyone” and she will continually push you to embrace this. Your appointment frequency is decided by you. She will teach you how to treat yourself. Kelly believes herself to be an interpreter, merely helping to reconnect you to the innate wisdom within you, to find healing.